Chairman's Message

"We inspire students to become and remain excellent humanbeings and dedicate themselves to the service of the nation."

On behalf of the Sri Sai Shikshan Sansthan, I extend a warm and cordial welcome to all aspirants for professional education. The management of the Sri Sai Shikshan Sansthan is committed to provide the best education in the most stimulating environment. With a through professional approach to education, the management of Sri Sai Shikshan Sansthan does not spare any pains or resource to help the college grow to the greatest heights of professional excellence.

In the fast changing scenario of today where technological innovations are occurring at break-neck speed, students have to learn to move at very fast pace. We at Sri Sai Shikshan Sansthan, ensure that the students learn to keep the up with the required pace.

All the bright children of light are welcome to join the fast-expanding community of dedicated professionals.

Let the reign of light prevail!

Mr. Raj Kumar Singh

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